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Samson Young

Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh: Samson Young – Real Music

24 July – 5 Oct

Centring on an ambitious collaboration with the University of Edinburgh’s Next Generation Sound Synthesis (NESS) research group, this is Samson Young’s first major UK exhibition, also featuring other newly-commissioned work and an installation of his 2017 Sydney Biennale piece.

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Edinburgh Art Festival 2019

Edinburgh Art Festival 2019

Jul 25 – Aug 25

Edinburgh Art Festival will offer a chance to experience ambitious and innovative presentations of some of the very best historic and contemporary artists from Scotland, the rest of the UK and beyond.

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Nak.Ed.Art Collective Exhibition

July 6 – 13

The new show from Nak.Ed.Art Collective, a diverse, international group which arose from regular life drawing and painting sessions at Leith School of Art, hosted by Marcin Krupa.

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