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Leeuwarden I Cultural Capital

Ian Sclater

With an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most possible spellings of its name, Leeuwarden in Friesland in the north of Holland is the focal point for the region and its eleven main towns, where over 60 projects will celebrate the European Capital of Culture ethos of culture as a medium for change. [more]

Stijl-ish Netherlands

Ian Sclater

In 2017, Holland celebrated 100 years of ‘De Stijl’ (The Style), considered the country’s most important contribution to 20th century culture. [more]


Ian Sclater

Rotterdam is an atypical Dutch city. Emerging from its bombed out WWII ruins – reconstruction began just two weeks after the war ended, although the ‘fire boundary’ is still marked today by small lights in the pavement in the shape of red flames –  rather than rebuilding in the image of its past, the city made a clean break with it and opted for modern architecture, with light, air and space the watchwords. [more]

Miami I Art Deco District

Ian Sclater

In the fabled South Beach, a 10-mile long barrier island separated from Downtown Miami by Biscayne Bay, the Art Deco District boasts over 800 buildings erected between the 1920s and ’40s. [more]

Miami I Street Art

Ian Sclater

These days, the Miami art scene is as much about what’s on the streets as it is about museums and galleries. A visit to the Wynwood Art District should disavow any art-lover of the notion that street art is not ‘real’ art. [more]

All at sea I The Floating Art Gallery

Ian Sclater

One of the world’s finest contemporary art galleries can be found in Amsterdam. Or Barcelona. Or Monte Carlo. Or Lisbon or Copenhagen or Tallinn or St. Petersburg or Helsinki or Stockholm or… Wait, you ask, it’s in all these places? Well, yes, if Holland America Line’s magnificent cruise ship Koningsdam happens to be in port. [more]

Nantes | Bon voyage!

Ian Sclater

The Sunday Times’ description of Nantes as ‘the loopiest city in France’ belies a serious strategy: to reinvent a city through art and culture. In Nantes this has been a roaring success. From being laid low in the 1980s by the collapse of its ship-building and freight industries, it has emerged as a fun and creative city revitalised by cultural tourism. [more]

Vilnius | Looking Ahead

Ian Sclater

While its national art museums celebrate native-born artists of the past, Vilnius also has a clutch of contemporary galleries revealing more recent talents. [more]

South Tyrol | Wandering Spirits

Ian Sclater

Italy’s largest and most northerly province, South Tyrol derives its uniqueness from the fusion of Austrian and Italian cultures which influences the design, architecture, cuisine and language of the region.

Vintage Bordeaux

Ian Sclater

Famous for its wines, the capital of Aquitaine also has a lot to offer art-lovers. [more]

Helsinki | Fine Finnish

Ian Sclater

Helsinki is the fastest growing capital in the EU, and Finland’s cool capital is a hot destination for visitors, with enough art attractions to pack a city break. [more]

Berlin | Going Up

Ian Sclater

With around 450 galleries presenting over 6,000 artists a year in 3,000 exhibitions, Berlin has the biggest art scene in Europe. [more]

Budapest | Hungarian Rhapsody

Ian Sclater

One of the world’s finest national galleries in one of the finest buildings ever to host one. A cutting edge contemporary art museum which took root even before regime change. [more]

Acropolis Museum

Athens | Back to the Future

Ian Sclater

Athens is Europes oldest city, and it is no surprise that its art museums are dominated by its ancient past. More surprising perhaps is its enduring influence on modern masters. [more]

Oh, Vienna!

Ian Sclater

Few city names in the world are as evocative as Vienna. The birthplace of dynamic artistic and intellectual movements, the city of Haydn, Klimt, Freud, Strauss and a host of others (including Beethoven, who called Vienna home for the last 30-odd years of his life) was for a century or more the centre of European cultural life. [more]


Amsterdam | The Big Picture

Ian Sclater

Holland boasts the most art activity per capita than any other country in the world. In Amsterdam, it is estimated that museum visitors have doubled in the last ten years. [more]


Istanbul | Flying Colours

Ian Sclater

The contemporary art scene in Istanbul has witnessed an explosion in recent years. Some estimates place the number of commercial galleries at over 200 compared to just a dozen a decade or so ago and a stroll around the modern city reveals a proliferation of small, independent spaces. [more]


Reflections on Chicago

Ian Sclater

Art has woven itself into the fabric of Chicago. Monumental pieces dominate its downtown plazas, some of its finest civic buildings are filled with it, galleries and art centres have helped transform neighbourhoods and tourists visiting its museums are spreading the news of its growing reputation. [more]

Lisbon | Affordable Art

Ian Sclater

In November 2013 Lisbon won the best City Break on a Budget category at London’s World Travel Market, the largest annual convergence of travel industry professionals, the third time the Portuguese capital has taken the accolade in the last five years. [more]


Venice | Grand Tour

Ian Sclater

We have Attila the Hun to thank for Venice. When his rampaging hordes entered Italy in the 5th century AD upon the collapse of the Roman Empire, the good citizens of the northeast plain took refuge on a hundred or so flat, marshy islands out in the lagoon at the edge of the Adriatic Sea. [more]


Paris | Perfect Ten

Ian Sclater

You’ve shuffled with the hordes through the Louvre, been scandalized by Courbet’s ‘L’Origine du Monde’ in the Musée d’Orsay and toured the Centre Pompidou to the point of exhaustion. [more]



Ian Sclater

Since Ireland’s ‘tiger economy’ hit the buffers a few years ago, Dublin’s art world has also suffered. However, this has not dampened the artistic spirit, and Irish artists have continued to produce quality work, resulting in a backlog which galleries are keen to move, often at favourable prices. [more]