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Bavarian Rhapsody

ORIENTATION Germany’s third largest after Berlin and Hamburg, Munich has been voted the one most Germans would prefer to live in. An extensive, Italian-influenced building programme led by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in the 19th century earned it the moniker of the “northernmost Italian city”. Post-was reconstruction has been aesthetically more successful than in

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With its Art Mile linking some of Germany’s top art galleries and the spectacular new HafenCity, Hamburg is emerging as a great cultural city break destination, writes Ian Sclater

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Madrid’s Magic Mile

Madrid boasts an art walk par excellence in the Paseo del Arte, which links three world class art museums barely ten minutes from one another and all in beautiful buildings adapted for cultural purposes. A half-day in each is a bare minimum to begin to appreciate them. Along with a couple of relative newcomers, they

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Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

Rotterdam Makes It Happen

Rotterdam is not a typical Dutch city. Emerging from its bombed out WWII ruins – reconstruction began just two weeks after the war ended, the ‘fire boundary’ still marked today by small lights in the pavement in the shape of red flames – rather than rebuilding in the image of its past, the city made

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Discover Düsseldorf

Not unlike Cologne some 40-odd kilometres up the Rhine, the glamour days of the Düsseldorf art scene were in the 1970s and ’80s. Like its near neighbour, Düsseldorf lost many artists and galleries to the ‘brain drain’ which sucked them east after 1989 to the reanointed capital, Berlin, drawn by cheap rents and new possibilities.

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The Ludwig Museum is directly behind Cologne’s famous Gothic cathedral, Germany’s most popular visitor attraction.qThe Ludwig Museum is directly behind Cologne’s famous Gothic cathedral, Germany’s most popular visitor attraction.


COLOGNE Cologne is best known for its soaring Gothic cathedral, a World Heritage Site and Germany’s most popular attraction with 6.5 million visitors a year. Look out for the Gerhard Richter-designed window in the south transept, which consists of over 11,000 coloured squares of glass. Starting in the 1960s, Cologne became the art capital of

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Bank on Luxembourg

It may be known mainly for its financial institutions and EU offices, but Luxembourg is also the ideal city break destination for art-lovers.

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Leeuwarden I Cultural Capital

With an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most possible spellings of its name, Leeuwarden in Friesland in the north of Holland is the focal point for the region and its eleven main towns, where over 60 projects will celebrate the European Capital of Culture ethos of culture as a medium for change.

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Stijl-ish Netherlands

In 2017, Holland celebrated 100 years of ‘De Stijl’ (The Style), considered the country’s most important contribution to 20th century culture.

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Miami I Art Museums

The days of Miami’s ‘cocaine cowboys’ and Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas battling it out with hoodlums MTV-style in ‘Miami Vice’ are long gone, and a once drug-crazed city is slowly emerging as an internationally respected cultural centre.

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Miami I Art Deco District

In the fabled South Beach, a 10-mile long barrier island separated from Downtown Miami by Biscayne Bay, the Art Deco District boasts over 800 buildings erected between the 1920s and ’40s.

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Miami I Street Art

These days, the Miami art scene is as much about what’s on the streets as it is about museums and galleries. A visit to the Wynwood Art District should disavow any art-lover of the notion that street art is not ‘real’ art.

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All at sea I The Floating Art Gallery

One of the world’s finest contemporary art galleries can be found in Amsterdam. Or Barcelona. Or Monte Carlo. Or Lisbon or Copenhagen or Tallinn or St. Petersburg or Helsinki or Stockholm or… Wait, you ask, it’s in all these places? Well, yes, if Holland America Line’s magnificent cruise ship Koningsdam happens to be in port.

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Nantes | Bon voyage!

The Sunday Times’ description of Nantes as ‘the loopiest city in France’ belies a serious strategy: to reinvent a city through art and culture. In Nantes this has been a roaring success. From being laid low in the 1980s by the collapse of its ship-building and freight industries, it has emerged as a fun and creative city revitalised by cultural tourism.

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Vilnius | Looking Ahead

While its national art museums celebrate native-born artists of the past, Vilnius also has a clutch of contemporary galleries revealing more recent talents.

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South Tyrol | Wandering Spirits

Italy’s largest and most northerly province, South Tyrol derives its uniqueness from the fusion of Austrian and Italian cultures which influences the design, architecture, cuisine and language of the region.

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