The McManus: Artist Rooms, Lawrence Weiner

The McManus: Artist Rooms, Lawrence Weiner

The first Artist Rooms exhibition at The McManus is showcasing work by the American artist, Lawrence Weiner, who adopted language as his medium early in his career and still puts text at the heart of his practice. The exhibition draws from the Artist Rooms touring a collection of over 1,600 works of modern and contemporary art.

Influential conceptual artist, Lawrence Weiner uses language as his medium. His text work takes many forms, but the core principle remains the same – his ideas should not be confined to the gallery but taken up by the viewer. Adopting this principle, The McManus has worked with the artist to present his texts in different forms. One cycle of wall texts are presented in Scots – translated by distinguished author James Robertson. Texts are also be installed within Museum displays around the building – the text resonating alongside Dundee’s rich collections of natural history, archaeology, world cultures, industrial machinery and the spectacular architecture of The McManus itself.

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