Spilt Milk Gallery: oh motHER

Spilt Milk Gallery: oh motHER

‘oh motHER’ (Spilt Milk Gallery Members show ‘18) is the first visual arts exhibition in Scotland solely dedicated to the work of artists who are mothers. The exhibition presents the work of both national and international artists working in photography, sculpture, installation, textiles and new media. The exhibition is supported by a programme of participatory activity and drop-in workshops which aim to encourage local mothers and their families to engage with the exhibition’s themes which include maternal mental health, the mother-child relationship, emotional labour, breastfeeding and domestic ambivalence.

With several recent studies highlighting the extent of the gender inequality in the creative industries and the ‘motherhood penalty’ playing a large role in the gender pay gap in the UK, mothers face a number of barriers in accessing and developing a career in the visual arts. Not only do childcare, financial and cultural barriers hinder the career progression of mother-artists, but artwork which focuses of the role of motherhood, reproduction and care-taking has regularly been dismissed and devalued within the contemporary arts. While the old ‘pram in the hallway’ debate lives on, ‘oh motHER’ aims to highlight the diversity of work being made by mother artists worldwide.  The exhibition touches on themes including maternal mental health, the mother-child relationship, emotional labour, breastfeeding and maternal ambivalence.

Alana Hunt | Alison O’Neill | Amy Dignam | Anneleen Lindsay | Betty Susiarjo | Charlotte Roseberry | Cassandra Harrison | Fiona Bailey | Freddie Thomas | gwen charles | Imogen Di Sapia | Jennie Temple | Jessica Kirkpatrick | Jess Rippengale | Jessica Wohl | Joetta Maue | Kamee Abrahamian | KimyiBo | Laura J Fooks | Lauren McLaughlin | Lizzy Sampson | Megan Wynne | Mychaelyn Michalec | Olga Krasanova | Paula Chambers | Rachel Fallon | Robyn LeRoy Evans | Ruchika Wason Singh | Ruth Owens | Sarah Irvin | Sophia Barton | Tracey Kershaw | Xaverine M Bates

Image: Laura J. Fooks, In Her Pockets


Custom House Leith
65-67 Commercial Street
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 6LH

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