Scottish National Jazz Orchestra: Planet Wave

SNJO Planet Wave

Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – Friday 21st February
City Halls, Glasgow – Saturday 22nd February
Queen’s Cross Church, Aberdeen – Sunday 23rd February

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) marks twenty-five highly creative years as the UK’s only full-time national jazz orchestra with performances marking the centenary of the late Edwin Morgan, Scotland’s first modern Makar.

Conceived more than twenty years ago as a collaboration between composer Tommy Smith and Morgan, Planet Wave is an expansive aural exploration of this planet from 20 billion years BC to the Age of Copernicus 1543 AD, marking major events such as the birth of Universe, the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, a titanic biblical flood, the construction of the Great Pyramid, and the discovery of the Solar System.

Described as a brilliant collage of modern music, electronica, sampled sounds, visionary poetry and performance, it features Smith’s original score and Morgan’s poetry in spoken-word theatre provided by actor Niall Greig Fulton.

Image: SNJO

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