Royal Scottish Academy: John Byrne, Rogues’ Gallery

Royal Scottish Academy: John Byrne, Rogues' Gallery

John Byrne RSA: Rogues’ Gallery at the Royal Scottish Academy is a new collection paintings,
drawings and prints featuring a motley cast of characters fashioned from memories of Byrne’s childhood
growing up in Paisley combined with his vast imagination.

Inspired by American rock ‘n’ roll, which permeated Scottish working class culture in the 1950s,
Teddy Boys lurk on street corners and swaggering guitarists play surrounded by skyscrapers. Focusing on
those who are often overlooked in society, Byrne’s “rogues” are brought into central view, reflecting his
own view of himself as an outsider. He also makes an appearance in numerous disguises, such as a sailor
and a secret agent. All works in the exhibition are for sale.

Image: John Byrne RSA, ‘Moonglow’, waterclour on scrapeboard (Royal Scottish Academy)

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