Leith School of Art, Corridor Gallery: Philip Archer, Departing

Leith School of Art, Corridor Gallery: Philip Archer, Departing


The newest exhibition at the Leith School of Art’s Corridor Gallery presents works by the renowned artist Philip Archer.

Artist’s statement:

“The title of this exhibition ‘Departing’ refers to my farewell to Leith School of Art after 27 years, in order to focus fully on my own art practice and it is also a tribute to my wonderful late wife Helen, who passed away two years ago. Helen and I loved to visit a small, family run vineyard in the Langhe region of Piedmont and many of the small oil pastels depict remote vineyards and farmsteads found in the landscape surrounding Barolo.

The larger oil pastels show a distilled structure of large ‘wind blown walls’ and a glimpse of landscape. The old walls continue to form a backdrop to new encounters, interactions, reflections and memories. They trap shadows and create meaning and mystery beyond the many flaking layers of paint and plaster.

In front of the wall there is often a terrace, forming a border between home and all that is safe and familiar and beyond is the open landscape, wilderness or the sea, representing the unknown and unfamiliar.”


Leith School of Art (North Junction Street Campus)
25 North Junction Street
Edinburgh EH6 6HW

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