Duke Christie: 'Coriolus' - chainsaw-carved wall panel in local ash

Duke Christie and Graham Pook: Oil & Wood

3 – 18 Aug

The Findhorn Valley’s Logie Estate, near Forres in the north of Scotland, is the beautiful setting for ‘Oil & Wood’ – an exhibition of furniture and paintings by friends Duke Christie and Graham Pook.

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Monet’s Garden by Vivian Rusell

Part art book, part gardening book, this new, lavishly illustrated edition charts the history of the world’s most visited garden, lovingly created by artist Claude Monet at Giverny. Four chapters trace the garden through the seasons, paying special attention to the light and atmosphere which so preoccupied Monet and became the inspiration and focus of his art.

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The Psychology of an Art Writer by Vernon Lee

David Zwirner has been known for years as one of the most crucial players on the international art market, representing artists such as Josef Albers, Marlene Dumas, Dan Flavin and Richard Serra, just to name a few. Having established itself on the fine art scene, in 2014 the gallery opened a publishing house, David Zwirner

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V&A I Dundee

V&A Dundee will open in the second half of 2018, with the date to be announced. The £80.11 million construction project is on schedule and on budget.

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Scenic Artists

Scenic artists are masters of a bewildering range of skills, from faux finishes, ageing, texturing and poly sculpting to trompe l’oeil, marbling, ragging and wood graining. Yet while their work is a crucial part of a stage, film or TV production, they are for the most part unsung heroes, happy for their work to remain literally in the background.

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October 2017 – Urban Cottage Industries

Hand-sculpted in the UK by Urban Cottage Industries, these amber glass cylinder lampshades create an oasis of glowing, warm light. An online configurator enables you to choose everything from the colour of the cable to the design of the bulb.

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August 2017 – Katharina Vones

Inspired by intricate, organic structures, Katharina Vones uses microelectronic sensors to bring her jewellery to pulsating life, connecting the object to the body of its wearer by measuring touch, light and pressure. 

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August 2017 – Beastie Assemblage

Linda Lovatt of Borders-based Beastie Assemblage hand-makes whimsical brooches, necklaces, bangles and assemblage pieces from copper and brass sheet, broken bits of pottery, beads, buttons and anything pretty.

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August 2017 – Emma Jo Webster

Part of the team which wove the tapestries at Stirling Castle, Emma Jo Webster works mainly on private commissions, specialising in portraiture and colourful abstracts hand-woven in wool, silk and cotton.

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August 2017 – Catherine Lowe

Inspired by Art Deco, nature and Scotland’s natural light, buildings and landscapes, Catherine Lowe makes glass jewellery, vessels, plates, awards and painted panels using a range of hot and cold techniques. 

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June 2017 – Loveduxe Lingerie

Bridal designers Wendy Harman and Natasha Hutchison of Lovedeluxe Lingerie make pieces to order in Chantilly lace, mesh and silk for the “confident, flirtatious and effortlessly sexy, without size prejudice”.

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Juni 2017 – Kartel

Inspired by Scotland’s industrial heritage and landscape, Dundee-based Kartel create classic men’s and women’s time pieces incorporating traditional Harris Tweed.

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June 2017 – Amy Bond

Passionate about 3D weaving techniques, Amy Bond creates home fabrics and fashion accessories featuring bright, bold, vibrant combinations of colours and geometric patterns.

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June 2017 – Jo Pudelko

From “a ramshackle caravan” parked at the foot of the Ochil Hills, Jo Pudelko makes contemporary, mixed media jewellery and small scale sculptural objects.

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