Line Gallery I Rob Newton

Until March 6

Celebrating its 24th year in the business in 2018, the Line Gallery in Linlithgow presents north-east England artist Rob Newton, who first showed at the gallery some ten years ago with masterly oils of the skies over the fields around his home in Northumberland. [more]

Torrance Gallery I Tom Watt

Until March 3

Tom Watt is currently exhibiting at Torrance Gallery .Watt’s subjects have included the small fishing villages of Fife, the canals of Venice and the Tuscan and Gascon countryside.  [more]

The Whitehouse Gallery I Scotland: For A’ That

Until March 10

The Whitehouse Gallery opens 2018 with an exhibition featuring some well established photographic artists from the region and beyond.  The exhibition will feature documentary and landscape work on the subject of Scotland. [more]

Dick Institute I Pop Art in Print

Until April 28

Pop Art in Print brings together over seventy works from the outstanding collection of pop graphics belonging to the V&A, featuring artists such as Andy Warhol, Patrick Caulfield and Richard Hamilton. [more]

Lighthouse I Facsimilization

Until March 25

Commissioned for a private home in Glasgow and completed in 1965, ‘Facsimilization’ has been unseen by the general public since then. [more]